Some time ago I was looking for a low cost multiband HF antenna with a view to having a go at HF mobile operating.  I ended up buying a Watson Multi-Ranger 9 antenna because it covers a range of bands and would allow me to try a range of bands.  Finally, it wasn’t a big chunky HF antenna, which was a consideration.

The loading coil, tapping points and lead.

The top of the loading coil.

The base of the antenna and the K400 mount.

Tuning is accomplished using an allen key to adjust the top whip section of the antenna.

The antenna is nice and light (1kg) and is 1.9m long, although this varies depending on which band is being used.  The bottom section of the antenna comprises of a loading coil with a series of taps ,which are used to select the desired band, using the supplied cable.  The top section is shortish whip which is adjusted using the supplied allen key.

The Multi-Ranger 9 mounted on my car.

I mounted the antenna on a Diamond K400 mount on the boot of my hatchback and the sturdy construction of the antenna has meant that it has survived hitting the odd tree and car park height barrier. My only concern regarding the antenna’s construction is the potential for water to get into the loading coil, but I suspect that this isn’t a real issue.

Due to time constraints, I’ve tended to use the antenna as a receive only antenna and have found that it works very well on bands from 20m to listening to the airband on the way to and from work.  On transmit I’ve used it with my FT817 and a boot mounted LDG tuner with some success and hope to use it more now that I am unable to setup decent antennas from my home QTH.

Does it work….

W3LPL on 15m

W3LPL worked using 5w of CW on 15m (and yes I know W3LPL has an amazing antenna system!) from my driveway.