Using your mobile phone as a pocket QSO recorder

ISSIn the past I’ve used a portable minidisc recorder to record the audio from the International Space Station (ISS). However, as the photo illustrates, this system isn’t particularly pocket sized.

Recently during a lunch break I spotted that the ISS was due to hold a contact with a local Air Cadet group only a few minutes later. As I had my small Yaesu VX2 with me I decided to listen in, and wondered whether the sound recording facility on my T610 mobile phone might be useable as an alternative the bulky minidisc player. As this WAV file demonstrates shows, just holding the phone near the radio seemed to work quite well! To transfer the files from my phone I used a Bluetooth USB dongle. Unfortunately my phone records in AMR format, so if you want to try this for yourself you’ll have to download MobileAMRconvertor to convert the AMR recordings to WAV.