A couple of years ago I was very fortunate to acquire a faulty FL2100B amp at a very reasonable price.  The amp is about 30 years old but has the original box, instructions, and even the plastic protective cover on the front panel.

Whilst the amp was working, it was known to produce a ‘hot smell’ when operating.  On closer inspection a couple of resistors and a capacitor had burnt out in the tuned section of the amp.

The damaged tuned circuit

Close up of the damaged resistors

Fortunately, thanks to the help of a couple of local amateurs and the excellent FoxTango website, I was able to repair the amp for the cost of some resistors and capacitors.  The amp now gives me about 400w output and will suffice until I can justify an SPE Expert 1K or Acom 1000 amp – not bad for < £100.

The working amp

At some point could do with giving the amp a full service, but it works OK at present.

Some useful FL2100B sites include:

The FoxTango amplifier page

EA5AGV’s FL2100B restoration page

W8JI FL2100 oscilation page