DXing is all about trying to contact long distance amateur radio stations (e.g. outside Europe). It represents a real challenge, and is one of the reasons that I enjoy amateur radio. It can be both really satisfying – particularly when working a DX station or new country first call, or very frustrating, particularly when a rare station is being burried by QRM or just can’t hear you!  

A couple of favourite DX moments include working VP8DMN on the Falkland Islands first call 30 seconds after switching the radio on, and working Rafi, 4X4FR in Israel using 5w from my car, who gave me a 57 signal report :-)

Wikipedia has a good description of Dxing here, and this audio file is a good example of being on the receiving end of a pileup.

Some radio amateurs like to use the DX Cluster to spot rare stations, and being spotted on the cluster for the first time made me :-)